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ERP Applications

Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) is a system that offers an integrated suite of IT applications supporting operations such as finance and budget management, human resources management, supply chain management, key support services, and other key features.

Implement your company with the correct ERP system. Then make it extremely simple for them to transform – whether it’s an accounting, selling, buying, inventory, production or anything else entirely.

Our team advocates for your achievement and the satisfaction of your clients as a pioneer in the autonomous ERP consulting sector. We genuinely serve our customers as trusted consultants.

Odoo / OpenERP

Odoo/openERP is an all-in-one leadership software application. Odoo/openERP provides a wider variety of apps for company and the goal fits all-sized businesses. The software has features like CRM, website, e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management and inventory.

Our Proficiency in Odoo:

Customization – Our team of professionals from Odoo ensures that Odoo works as you expected! Sclable, ready for instant use and simple to adapt!

Implementation – According to your company requirements, we assist you operating Odoo/openERP correctly! Efficient, simple to deploy and configure without leakage of information

Integration – We’re here to assist you if you want to leverage Odoo advantages in your company. We will assist you in all sales, inventory management, accounting, procurement, manufacturing and CRM integration.

Support and Maintenance – We will provide technical support that is extremely professional. We will provide committed team, professional assistance and prompt reaction

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    Oracle Netsuite

    Companies ultimately need a unified business management suite covering all in one system, including ERP / Financials, CRM and e-Commerce. With Oracle NetSuite applications and consulting, that’s exactly what Genkiware delivers. A unique portal with multiple modules to run an entire business without the additional cost of allocated resources for each function. Although its all-encompassing solution is perfect for scalability, it may be complex to implement NetSuite and it would be expensive to have an in-house team with the relevant experience.

    This is what Genkiware fills in the gap. All you need to inform us about the application is what you’re expecting. Share the objective and we’re going to deliver.

    What We Do:

    NetSuite Enhancement
    Have you a NetSuite Application already in place? Do you need any special features, functions or modules to be added? We will begin by evaluating your current request and develop a blueprint solution to build on it.

    Sales Team Automation
    With comprehensive task environment, monitoring and notification, NetSuite allows you to keep track of your sales operations on a regular basis. Complete with forecasts and planned commissions, add, monitor and handle prospects and possibilities.

    Marketing Automation
    Automate your marketing features based on different sections with contact segmentation and strategic positioning of opportunities. Lead generation of marketing and management have never been so seamless.

    CRM Integration
    To manage post-sales and product marketing with CRM, Oracle and Salesforce CRM can be integrated with NetSuite. Manage customer lifecycle with detailed sales forecasting, opportunity management, geographic reporting, leadership, upselling and cross-selling from start to finish.

    Financial and Accounting
    It’s time to set up accounting tasks after all the cash that comes in from Sales, Marketing and CRM. You can also get tailored bills depending on usage with automatic billing of subscriptions.

    Reporting and Analytics Dashboards
    Create, design and produce comprehensive reports, and use the Analytics Dashboard to save frequent searches. We can also incorporate your business intelligence module into NetSuite if you need sophisticated reporting.

    Integration and Data Migration
    Migrate complex data from any ERP / CRM system to Oracle NetSuite to ensure continuity and data validity.

    Custom ERP Development

    The system is created using custom ERP based on the knowledge of your company. A programmer receives the ERP system to be designed in accordance with precisely what you want the software to be able to do and, ideally, the method it should follow to execute and facilitate your activities.

    Custom ERP software is also intended to suit your company procedures instead of making your company fitting into it, this is somehow relieving as there will be less to the training of the company’s employees. To coordinate with the scheme, all you have to do is create little changes.

    the Advantages of custom ERP system:

    – A custom ERP software is more of a prototype software that allows you to begin designing the most fundamental and significant characteristics and functions you have in mind, then later, during testing and maintenance, you can add other essential elements that will bring you to a very effective software.

    – With a custom-tailored ERP system, you are likely to seamlessly obtain the alternatives or achieve the services you want from a software.

    – The employees generally have the benefit of understanding how readily the system operates because it has been designed in accordance with company procedures and language. On another side, companies have little to adjust.

    – In terms of future technology or even company modifications, customized ERP systems are generally flexible. There is always the ability to incorporate any trends.

    – The difference between offshore and custom ERP system, the custom ERP system design is specifically tailored to satisfy your requirements. Therefore, as you are in full control of the system, you do not need to wait for function demands and enhancements.

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