Robotic Automation Process

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) utilizes a software platform that operates in the same manner as an individual virtual worker to conduct procedures. As fresh instruments arise, the use of RPA is growing quickly, and staff are looking for more strategic and meaningful employment.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA can be implemented in a broad spectrum of industries to all kinds of rule-based processes, including process automation of office duties, IT support, and aided customer service automation. With such a variety of fields in which RPA is known to be effective, it is no surprise that so many businesses use the technology.

Genkiware has worked with customers across a variety of sectors including banking, healthcare, logistics, consumer goods, food & beverage, leisure, manufacture and also the scope of processes as HR, Finance, Supply Chain, Procurement, Sale Order, MRP and more.

We can therefore guarantee you that RPA readily translates into many industrial sectors and features. If you would like to discuss how RPA might apply to your specific sector or company function, please contact us at [email protected].

At Genkiware, our RPA experience implies we’re going to get you up and running as fast as possible so you can concentrate on your key role.

RPA can assist you transform your company digitally and the benefits as below:

Better quality services: better client service and accuracy.

Good for Compliance: Business processes can be set to operate in accordance with the necessary regulations and standards.

Gaining High Speed: Processes is able to be done at unprecedented speeds.

Greater Agility: Overhead reduction and get the company resources more flexible.

Extensive Insights: Digitizing and auditing process information improved effectiveness.

Reduced Costs: Manual or repetitive tasks are carried out by RPA software at a fraction of the cost.

Employee Experience: Increased staff productivity and reduced attrition.

Lower Business Costs: RPA software carries out manual or repetitive duties at a fraction of the cost.

Staff Experience: Enhanced employee productivity and reduced attrition.

Our capabilities in RPA

We have helped clients across a wide range of industries develop RPA strategies that significantly improve processes
and reduce costs. Our capabilities include:

Vendor selection. Picking the right vendor is crucial for getting as much as you can from RPA. Our vendor insights and global relationships help identify the most suitable vendor. Our best-practice supplier negotiation and tactics (including internal coordination) help establish strong, long-lasting relationships.

Proof of concept. These engagements work in quick bursts to test the feasibility and value of RPA within an organization. This will set the economic case and technical feasibility for RPA.

Program development. We help our clients develop a scalable program, establishing the business case (based on client experience and the specific situation) and developing the governance and centralized controls needed to pilot and scale. This step helps clients reduce risks and speeds up the launch of RPA.

Pilot and capability building. We support our clients in their first RPA pilots, and coach and train internal resources to aid in scaling up. We also help develop a center of excellence and IT platform to broaden the reach of RPA throughout the organization. In the end, we help our clients create financial momentum and an internal capability in parallel.

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