Open-EMR/EHR Services

Open-EMR/EHR Services

Electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR) are both the digital records of the health information of patients. Open-EMR/EHR acts as the solution in managing the EHR and EMR, using innovative and reliable software technologies.

EMR is the digital records that contains the patient’s medical and treatment history from one practice, which means, the record stays in the doctor’s office and is not shared to anyone.
Meanwhile, EHR is the digital records from multiple doctors and view more long-term patient’s health.

Both EMR and EHR will be able to make healthcare more efficient and cost less, and we offer the solutions for EMR and EHR.


These are some services we provided:

As a contributor in OpenEMR, we present the features of OpenEMR, the UI moedernisation, Enchancement, and Integration.

We make use of our interoperability to lead the health systems in following the world standard protocols for transferring clinical and administrative data between software application.

Implementing mobile application that give excellent functions, user experiences, speed and security, that is meant to be used in health area.

The health and local government compliance requirement is to be realized by Genkiware.

Robotic Automation (RPA)
In order build your business to perform efficiently and resulting high quality, the dynamic and customizable RPA solutions are to be used.

Medical Billing / RCM
Prevent any revenue leakages, we help the revenue collection to be performed on time, increasing the financial health of clinic.

Electronic health record technology vector

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    Meanwhile, here are the Platforms used for our services.

    EHR on Cloud
    By storing EHR on Cloud, hospitals or clinics can reduce their EHR cost by 70%, so that they can give more focus on the clinical services in order to give more care to the patients.

    Practice Management
    The platform used for practice management is aiming for the sustainable clinics, medical centers, and hospitals, by providing the procedures, tools and 3rd party integration.

    Medical Billing / RCM Software
    Decreasing the manual work, increasing the work ease and accuracy, RCM software we offers will help processing the file claims on time with its full integration.

    Patient Engagement
    To help patients well connected with clinics or hospitals. which leads to the customers satisfaction, improving the communication is one of the most important things.

    Taking advantage of the remote health services, hospitals, clinics, and medical providers will be able to give more attention and care to their patients well being.

    Lab and eRX Integrator
    Integrating any health system with the world standard protocol.

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