Web Augmented Reality (AR)

Web Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that is use to add artificial or digital things to the reality as it was a real object. It will let you see all things in front of you and add the projecting images to them.

Web AR is the augmented reality that is experienced through the web browser rather than an app.

AR Marketing

Considering that a marketing strategy is called successful if only the customers are satisfied and get what they need, engage in a new technology such as Augmented Reality (AR) is going to be an opportunity for a business to thrive.

The benefit of using AR in your marketing is:

Unique customer experience: As AR is included as a new technology and become one of the marketing trends, it will give unique experience to the prospective customers and higher the chance of their purchase.

Attract customer: AR technology will attract prospective customers and higher the traffic of a brand since it benefit the customer in many ways, which depends on what strategy is used. Besides, they don’t need any expensive equipment to experience the AR since they only need web browser and smartphone’s camera to enjoy it.

Unlike using an app as the AR experience platform, using web browser will give you wider reach because it does not require the prospective customer to download the app.

With the Web AR technology,:

Customer can try on your product without the physical goods. The web AR will help them to virtually display the goods on the reality so that they know how your product looks like on them (clothes and cosmetics) or on their house (furniture).

Person using AR

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