Long-Tail Keywords (SEO series 7)

Long-Tail Keywords (SEO series 7)

The “Long Tail” keyword concept is the search phrases that explicitly serve the purpose of the searcher. These keywords have lower search frequency, lower competition, and usually the conversion rates are high.

These keywords “long-tail” is being called. When you use the search frequency to plot your keywords, these would be on the “long tail” end of the search demand curve, which means few people are searching for these terms each month.

Despite the lack of search frequency, but the “Long Tail” keywords are easier to be ranked in top position, leading to higher conversion rate than seed keywords. It is because “Long Tail” keywords communicate a clear need for the customer that you can solve and they are driven intentionally.

The actual length of these keywords doesn’t really matter. “Long Tail” keywords tend to be at least three words long due to their specificity, but highly target on low frequency searches that are only one or two words long are also considered “Long Tail” keywords.

Why “Long Tail” Keywords in SEO are So Important?

Targeting these highly specific keywords has three main advantages:

1/. Better Conversion Rate

A small sleuthing of the “Long Tail” keywords will help you discovering the search attention.

You can identify queries with search intention that show the intention of the buyer and the need of additional information.

This knowledge can be used to introduce highly qualified leads into your sales funnel and complement your marketing efforts in content.

2/. Good for Semantic Search Optimization

Predict the intention behind the human conversational questions so you can give out the answers about your business and services. It gives better target of those phrases of “Long Tail” keywords.

If you are targeting a higher conversion rate of “Long Tail” keywords even at low search frequency, these keywords can still be extremely valuable to your business.

3/. Few Competition

“Long Tail” keywords are particular for your business and niche, resulting in low search frequency. The advantage of this is that ranking well for your targeted “Long Tail” keywords doesn’t take so much effort.

Some Examples of how to implement it?

Write down Google’s autocomplete suggestions.

Write down Google’s related search suggestions.

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Start typing and press Enter to search

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