How page loading speed affect the SEO result? (SEO series 6)

How page loading speed affect the SEO result? (SEO series 6)

The fact is 57% leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
80% of them will never come back.

6 aspects can reduce the speed of your page?

1/. In hosting:
what you’ve paid you get. Your page speed may be damaged by a cheaper plan in the long run. Choose the right hosting plan and company that matches the size of your business.

2/. The images in your website:
The size of images/photos which are too big to load and can really affect the speed of page loading. It is mostly due to additional data(images /photos) included in the comments or lacking of image compression. PNG for images and JPEG for photos would be a better arrangement.

3/. The external embedded media:
External media such as videos and photos are of great value, but can significantly reduce your loading time. One possible solution is to host the videos on your own server in order to gain some loading time.

4/. Different browser engines or plugins in your website:
You should verify all browsers on your website because they don’t load your website in the same methodology. If you are not using the native plugins (not built by 3rd party) on your website, the integration of that app may have a bug to lower your page loading speed. Nowadays, Flash is a bad idea deployed in the website.

5/. Many ads display:
A lot of ads have the drawback of slowing down your page speed more than just bothering your visitors.

6/. Website theme design
Your load page may be penalized by some highly designed themes with many effects.

Some of the Page Speed tools

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