Build Backlinks (SEO series 5)

Build Backlinks (SEO series 5)

What is the Backlink about?

When an external website connects to yours, a “backlink” is created. It is what some people call them “external links” or “inbound links.”

5 Steps to start building Backlinks

1/. Fix your Website Error and Problem

Your Redirect Chain should look like the following, from page A directly to page C because page B acts as a buffer and this will hurt the effectiveness.

2/. Take Out the External Broken Link

Sometimes the external link you place on your website will be expired and changed for some reason. In this case, it will become a broken link.
Here is the tool (broken link checker) you can use it to find out the broken links.

3/. Diversify the Backlinks

When you start building the Backlinks, don’t focus on quantity but a high quality backlink is much more important. Low quality link may be treated as spam link. With the diversified type of links will make the links on your website looking more natural.

  • Blogs
  • Wikipedia
  • Author bio sections
  • News sites
  • Forums
  • Directories
  • Social Media

4/. Google Crawling

You need to ensure Google crawling your preferred pages.

Basically, crawling means following a path. Crawling in the SEO world means following your links around your website and “crawling.”

You need to ensure Google crawling your preferred pages (and not pages that don’t appear in its index). If some of the content you don’t want to be crawled, you can use Robots.txt to stop certain parts to avoid crawling.

5. Build Internal Links

So many internal linking discussions have taken place (also known as deep linking). In the same article, people even suggest using the same anchor text as it helps in a site’s deep crawling.

It is important to remember that internal linking is a good practice, not only for SEO, but also to keep active users on your website.

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