What are Google’s Rich Snippets? (SEO series 4)

What are Google’s Rich Snippets? (SEO series 4)

Google’s Rich snippets are enhanced search results shown on the SERP (search engine result page). They have more visual appeal in contrast to common organic results. The websites are introduced and implemented by structured data. Google uses structured data to understand the content on the page. Providing specific information about the website can help the website display in richer features in search results.

Here are some examples about what richer feature looks like.

Google Search Gallery

Understand how structured data works

Structured data is a piece of code written in a particular format to understand it by search engines. Search engines are reading the code and making rich snippets using it.

Structured Data Introduction

Here are the steps how to implement schema markup on your website

Use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper

1/. Select any type of your website and put your website URL. It can be any page in your website like contact us, product, about us and so on.

2/. In the left panel, highlight and select which element belonged to be marked up.

3/. When choose “Name,” it will be added to “Data Items” in the right pane and click “Create Html” after you finish all the tag editing.

4/. Below page, you can verify the generated microdata in the spots with highlight. If everything is correct, click “Download”. You can use the downloaded HTML code to replace your source code.

Use Google’s Rich Result Testing Tools  to find out what will be looked like after the markup inserted.

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