4 factors why you need Cloud Hosting Service in e-Commerce business?

4 factors why you need Cloud Hosting Service in e-Commerce business?

The cloud computing idea came to the market. Its strength can be judged by the fact that Cloud deployment is predicted to be in default by 2020. E-commerce is an area that benefits tremendously from cloud computing. E-commerce is drawing myriad advantages from today’s cloud computing. In e-Commerce, cloud computing allows the business to operate extensively.

1. Good Speed Performance

Speed plays an important role in making the customers stay glued for an e-commerce business. Per Akamai, if webpage takes more than three seconds to load, 40 percent of customers leave a webpage. Even Amazon experienced that it will increase one percent in revenue per 100 milliseconds of website speed improvement.
While a sudden network interruption can slow a website down and make it unresponsive, cloud computing gives you greater bandwidth, computing power, failover feature, storage and more.

2. Cost Saving

You don’t have to invest in hardware or software infrastructure as the business grows. With cloud computing, IT infrastructure development and maintenance costs are reduced. It will help the e-commerce company to visualize big data and understand the customer’s behavior.

3. Business Scalability

Cloud Computing allows an e-Commerce application to meet the changing market demand and scenarios. It enables the services to be upscale or downscale by demand, traffic, and seasonal spikes. Cloud provides your business needs with the scalable architecture. It is vital to scale the business as it grows that your business will grow in the coming time.

4. High Availability in Cloud Service

Architectures based on the cloud are tolerant of disasters. An integrated redundancy cloud – based platform can save business from data loss. It keeps the data secure, secure and easy to access. An e – commerce business is heavily dependent on customer data. During catastrophic data loss or threats to security, redundancy helps to overcome the disaster and resume business in a streamlined manner.

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