Plantin Kaviari: Major Payment Gateway Implementation  

Plantin Kaviari: Major Payment Gateway Implementation  

Initial Problem

Plantin Kaviari by Gourmet En Provence has to catch the opportunity of consumption voucher scheme provided by Hong Kong government. To enjoy it, they have to accept payment gateways which is recognized by this scheme. For the online payment gateway, HSBC Payme is one of the popular methods for online shop. Genkiware helps to build from scratch. The development and implementation timeframe including the HSBC application, it took about a month. 
Although Payme is a popular and well-known domestic payment gateway, there is some percentage charges for each transaction. If the product amount is expensive, the cost of payment is also high. Especially, for the profit margin in food industry is quite thin. Therefore, they also pick the total free of charge payment gateway (FPS) which is managed and offered by the Hong Kong government.  

According to hkma, “the FPS is a payment platform on which banks and stored-value facility (SVF) operators are connected. It allows customers to make person-to-person transfers, top up e-wallets and shop online anytime, anywhere, thereby making payments simpler and faster”.

Quest for a solution

The Ecommerce solution is together with Prestashop as the eCommerce platform.


The reason why Prestashop is chosen:

  • Cross-platform open source ecommerce solution
  • Suitable for large, medium, small business
  • Best User Experience (UX)
  • Support 65 different languages
  • Strong scalability
  • Lightweight & fast
  • Easy customization
  • Security
  • Etc.

Besides building a nice, functionable, and easily navigated website, some marketing support, payment, support, and other features are essential in order to attract more customers and raise their revenue. Those supports can be obtained from the modules offered in Prestashop addons.

These are the modules that is used in their website:\

  • Marketing
    • Google Analytics: to analyze the sale and website performance thru the API connection to Google
    • Google Sitemap: 1 click to generate sitemap for SEO process.

  • Payment
    • FPS: The FPS module allows them to offer FPS payment methods to their customers.
    • Payme: The HSBC Payme module allows them to offer Payme payment methods to their customers. It is realtime money transfer and payment confirmation application.
  • Others
    • Delivery: Allow customers to select a delivery date while in checkout process. Merchant can also set different condition based on their schedule.
    • Birthday Voucher Generate: Offer a discount voucher for the customer with the birthday blessing.
    • Blogging system : Merchant can interact with customer and provide some updated news about the website and food introduction.
    • Local Language Support: The website is available in both English and Cantonese.


Based on revenue after the new payment gateway implementation, the sale is significantly increased. Customer can spend their consumption voucher conveniently. Prestashop can always provide a flexible customization. When there is any new technology introduced from the market, it is easy to create a module and implement it. The community support and documentation always provided a clear instruction for the developer. The local language support with the same timezone is an important and advantage apsect. Particularly, for a small company without a IT department, the local support is a must.

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