5 Key areas will be benefit from OpenAI ChatGPT in ecommerce business!

5 Key areas will be benefit from OpenAI ChatGPT in ecommerce business!

As you heard recently in the IT industry, an AI chatbot quickly went viral on social media would be ChatGPT. It is developed by an artificial intelligence research laboratory OpenAI and founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman in December 2015.


A chatbot driven by AI that engages with people in a very convincing dialogue. Its users, including scientists and those in the IT industry, have been astounded by its capacity to deliver long, thoughtful, and complete replies to queries and prompts – even if they are vague.


So does it matter to the eCommerce business? There are 5 key areas to be affected by it.


1/. Marketing professionals may use AI-driven data to pinpoint target audiences, analyze trends, and improve their efforts.

2/. Personalized customer service can be delivered via AI chatbots, and AI-driven analytics can help companies better understand their clients’ needs and preferences so they can better cater to them.

3/. Automating time-consuming processes like data analysis, website optimization, and email marketing is also possible with AI.

4/. Businesses can save time and money while also improving efficiency and accuracy with AI-driven automation.

5/. Product suggestions are made by ChatGPT after analyzing consumer enquiries and taking into account their preferences and interests.


One example for practical usage of ChatGPT:

I would say it is extremely useful for marketers. It is normal for a marketer to write a paragraph and persuade potential customers to try out the product. For example: you can ask ChatGPT to write you some paragraphs to recommend your product to customers. “Suggest people to our waterproof jacket”, ChatGPT will present a list of suggestions with the benefits your customer should buy from you. However, the beta version is only available for some countries. As far as i know US will be one of them.


photo from https://blog.invgate.com/chatgpt-for-it-support

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