How to deploy an Email Newsletter Marketing in Prestashop 1.7.x?

How to deploy an Email Newsletter Marketing in Prestashop 1.7.x?

An email newsletter is one of the critical marketing strategies. It is not only used to let your customers know about the latest news, product updates, discount campaigns, but also helps you to generate leads, engage with customers and so on.

So we want to introduce how to enable this function in Prestashop 1.7.x. 

Part I. Download the 3rd party newsletter popup module
1. You have to install a 3rd party module for the newsletter popup on the homepage.
-One of the free modules is worth using. Please get “” from this link:
2/. Navigate to IMPROVE -> Modules -> Module Manager -> Upload a module (on top of right corner) and select file “”.
3/. After the installation is done, scroll down to the bottom in the Other section, click the “configure” of WT CouponPop Module.
4/. You will see the configuration screen and just customize the content and background image accordingly. For the Voucher Code, we come back to put the correct one.

5/. One more thing is good to have. It is to bookmark this page so that you have to go to module page looking for this module. On the top menu, click “Quick Access” and “Add current page to QuickAccess”.

Part II. Newsletter subscription setup
1/. Let’s setup the Newsletter subscription parameters in module page.

2/. In this page, you can adjust the configuration based on your needs. I think email after subscription is good to have.
3/. Welcome voucher code, we will come back here because we need to set the criteria of coupon first.
4/. When you scroll down to the “Export Customer Address” section, you will find all the subscriber emails.

Part III. Coupon rules
1. Navigate to Sell -> Catalog -> Discounts -> Add new cart rule

2/. Put a name of this rule. In the field of code, click “Generate” or you can put your own. Other fields, you can use the default values. 

3/. You can set the condition of this coupond code. “Total available” means how many coupond code you want to offer. Of course many couponds using means many customers are shopping in your shop. “Total available for each user”, this is important. It means each user can only use once.

4/. You can also specify particular products or categories. In my example, I will configure two categories like below. “Add a rule concerning”, select Categories and “Add”. Select Clothes and Art, and click “Add->” .

5. At last, in “Action” section, in my example, I will set a 10% discount. “Apply a discount to”, I will pick the Order (without shipping). When the product contains a discount, we want to exclude it.  In this case, swipe to “Yes” and click “Save” before leaving this screen.

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