Today’s Top 4 Marketing Campaign Challenges

Today’s Top 4 Marketing Campaign Challenges

In our 13th Prestashop meetup, we talked about the today’s top 4 marketing campaign challenges that most businesses will face. Sometimes it is frustrated that you spend the most precious resource on something which you don’t have any return. You may start thinking marketing campaign is a money laundering game. Of course it is not and will bring a good profit instead if you can handle it well. Remember marketing result is sticking with company. It is not like sale person. When they quit, the sale is also gone with them. Let’s see what are the common marketing campaign challenges today.

1/. Money (budget, KPI, ROI)
2/. Marketing Technique (social network, incentive stuff, seo)
3/. objective (brand awareness, conversion, traffic)
4/. marketplace (Amazon, Taobao, Rakuten)

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