8 simple marketing campaigns to boost the sale on Mother’s Day 2020

8 simple marketing campaigns to boost the sale on Mother’s Day 2020

It won’t be a normal Mother’s Day this year. However, no matter what circumstances there are and it is a special day to show our love and appreciation to all mothers. According to NRF and Prosper Insights & Analytics, 78% of US consumers will treat the Mother’s Day as an important day to celebrate regardless of the COVID-19.

1. Create a landing page for Mother’s Day shopping
You can group the products that would make all mothers interested. However, it should be a separate page dedicated for Mother’s Day gift shopping. It is because this page will make people easier to navigate their wanted products. This page can be a customized category product list page. Create an eye-catching banner and even a popup that will take visitors to that sale section. An example like Marks & Spencer

2. Create a Mother’s Day Email Direct Marketing
Email marketing is one of the effective and inexpensive ways to promote your Mother’s Day marketing campaign. In the email content, you may also provide special coupon for Mother’s Day sale. You can also include the bestsellers, latest or popular items. Write a sharp and attention-grabbling subject line which can accurately portray your email content.

3. Create a Social Media Campaign
You can invite your followers or visitors post a love message to their mothers in your social media platform. When they share the message in their own social media account, they will get a small gift. This kind of contest will help you to increase your brand awareness. #Hashtag in social media can help to leverage your social media network.

4. Offer a free shipping on any selected Mother’s Day products in a shopping cart
It is a good incentive for consumers to buy more other items which are not for Mother’s Day sale product.

5. Create some positive content to teach your customers how to please their mothers
Share some ideas on how to cook a great dinner, how to give a surprise to mom, a small joke will make mother smile and so on.

6. Create a Video Marketing Campaign
Since more than half of millennials will visit YouTube daily, it is one of crucial marketing channels we should not miss. If you are not sure about your video popularity, you can partner with influencers which are mother grade person. Just make a video with content you want to convey to your customer for celebrating this grateful day and no need to consider so much on video quality. Content is king. When you show your authencity in the video, consumer will endure this kind of imperfection.

7. Offer a customizable product for personalization
Personalized items are important and popular all year around. If your product can attach a tailor-made message on like T-shirt, mug, mobile case or anything, it will definitely enchance the shopping experience to your customers. By the way, it is so easy to enable this feature. In Prestahsop addon marketplace, you will find many modules like this and it just costs several tens bucks.

8. Create a VIP Customers Campaign
This group of customers who buy from your onlineship recently and frequently and at a high vaule. If you send them a reminder about the Mother’s Day campaign, they mostly will make a purchase.

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