ManyChat Sequence Setup

ManyChat Sequence Setup

The Sequence module is a feature that allows us to subscribe to contacts from our audience to the chain of messages by different time. Every message is separated by delays of different lengths.

1.  Create a new sequence

 “Automation” -> “Sequences”

2.  Add a new message in the sequence


In “test” sequence, we can create a new reply message or select an existing message.

3.  Edit the message content

We can edit the content of a message first, and then go to the Actions module. For the first message, we should choose the action “Subscribe to Sequence” so that the sequence will be processed automatically.

For demo, I created three message in the “test” sequence.

*Don’t forget to publish the messages after editing the flow.

4.  Change the time delay

There is a schedule timeline in the left-hand side.

We can edit it by clicking on each message’s schedule time.


For the demo, I set every message will be delivered by 1 minute delay.

Let’s test the “test” sequence!


The first message “Hi” is sent at 15:05.

The second message “Hello” is sent at 15:06 (1 minute delay).

The third message “Hey!” is sent at 15:07 (1 minute delay).

Important Note:

Please note that a contact can receive the same Sequence only once. For testing the sequence, we need to unsubscribe the sequence first and then subscribe to it again in order to receive the sequence again from the start after editing it.

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