ManyChat Customer Chat Setup

ManyChat Customer Chat Setup

Customer Chat Growth Tool is for your website and convert your visitors into a chat bot subscribers.

To creating a growth tool, click ‘+New Growth Tool’ on the upper right corner of the page.

There are two tabs in the Customer Chat:

Opt-In Actions: Message user will receive after they click the button.

Setup: you can get your code in here, customise some setting and authorise your website.

1.  Create the Opt-in message or use an existing one.

Click ‘Edit’ to start working in a Builder to create a workflow.

Example is shown below.

2.  Setup the opt-in message.

Click ‘Install JavaScript’ and add your website first.

Then click ‘Next’ and copy the JS code. Copy and paste it into the <head> of every page of your website.

After setup all the things, the customer chat bot will be shown on your website.

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