How to Delete All Image of Selected Products

How to Delete All Image of Selected Products

With well use of Import function in back office, some extra batch editing function can be applied, delete all image of selected products is one of them.

Just revoke your memory, this function is located at Advanced ParametersImport
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So, let see how we do this.

What do we need?

Simple! We just need to prepare a CSV file with two columns only, product ID and a column of 1

An example is shown below:

Product ID Delete img
3 1
5 1
10 1
23 1
41 1
101 1

The image of products with ID 3, 5, 10, 23, 41, 101 will be removed after importing, if you do it correctly

Caution: It is highly recommended you to backup the database first before continue!

  1. Go to Advanced ParametersImport page in back office
  2. Select Products under What do you want to import? and select your csv file
  3. Set Field separator to , and Multiple value separator to ;*
  4. Check Force all ID numbers and click Next Step
  5. Match ID with 1st column and Delete existing images (0 = No, 1 = Yes) with 2nd column
  6. Click Import

* Depends on you CSV, usually values are divided by comma, but sometimes it may be semi-colon instead

CSV File

You may need to check the format of your CSV file. As it is called Comma Separated Values, the values in each row are separated with commas. However, sometimes it may be semi-colons instead. For example, the CSV file exported from PrestaShop Back Office is using semi-colon as the separator

You can simply check it by opening with a text editor like below.

And you can find what is the separator.

Import Process

Go into the page under Advanced ParametersImport, and let’s see how should we set the corresponding settings:

Then we click Next Step and follow the below:

Click Import and…Done! The images of the  products with those ID are removed. Yay!

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