What is Genkidriver?

What is Genkidriver?

Reaching $29.267 trillion on the transaction, e-commerce has attached to this modern life. There are many kinds of businesses that are classified as e-commerce, and some of them, who sell physical products, feel the importance of delivery service. Genkidriver here is ready to help them do the delivery efficiently.

What is Genkidriver?

Genkidriver is a mobile navigation application that is a complement to the module in the eCommerce platforms, made for the sake of optimal delivery. In other words, Genkidriver mobile application is targeted to the drivers hired by the shops, and it applies to any country around the world.

Here are the important features provided by Genkidriver.

  1. Maps and the directions

Inside the mobile application, there is a map and the direction, showing the most efficient route to the addresses of the deliveries. Those addresses shown in the driver’s mobile application sync with the orders assigned to the specific driver by the shop in the module. Moreover, it shows the detailed direction to each address, followed by the time needed to reach each address and the total time to reach all.

  1. Sending notification to the customer

This feature helps the driver to notify the customers about their delivery status. They could easily send a notification via Whatsapp or email, telling the customers that they are about to deliver the orders or that the orders have arrived.

How it works

Consider a shop that sells physical goods and uses one of the eCommerce platforms. After they configure the Genkidriver module in that eCommerce platform, they are ready to assign the existing customer orders to their registered drivers.

Then, the orders will be listed inside the Genkidriver mobile application of each driver. By the time the drivers open the application in their mobile phone and log in, they will see the number of the remaining order, the recommended route, and the total time needed to reach all addresses. The order of the destinations is based on the priority to make the delivery service efficient. Moreover, the drivers could also view the more detailed direction to each address and the time taken to arrive there.

When the drivers are about to deliver the orders, they can give a notification to the customers that their goods are about to be delivered. The application will send the driver to the chosen platform to give the notification, which is either whatsapp or email, so that they can send the notification. The same can be applied when the drivers have arrived.

After the drivers confirm that they have delivered an order, that specific order will disappear from the list and the map. This continues after all orders have been delivered.

Why Genkidriver?

It is true that the drivers can use their own map application or their own road memory to reach the destinations. However, if they use Genkidriver, they don’t need to bother on searching the addresses one by one using the map application and they can get the more efficient routes to reach all destinations. Therefore, their job can be done earlier and the time needed to deliver all orders will be shorter than betting on their intuition. 

Moreover, Genkidriver can solve the empty house problem. By notifying the customers that their goods are about to be delivered, they will be able to guess the approximate time their goods will arrive. They will be able to receive the goods themselves and not leave the house empty by the time the driver reaches their house. 

And of course, it is easy to use!

How to sign up for Genkidriver?

You can go to genkidriver.com and sign up for an account. You will be encouraged to register your drivers before those drivers can log in into the Genkidriver application that can be found in Google Play or App Store. You can enjoy the 1 month free-trial!

For more information, you can watch the tutorial video on genkidriver.com or email [email protected].

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