Get Started with Social Media Marketing
get started with social media marketing

Get Started with Social Media Marketing

According to the recorded data for 2020, over 3.6 billion people are engaged in social media. With this big number, anybody can come up with the idea of promoting their business through social media in order to achieve their business goals. Just as the meaning of the words, social media marketing is a practice of promoting your brand or business through social media. This practice is one of those popular ways to thrive your brands. But, how to get started with social media marketing?

Before choosing the social media platform

1/. Specified your social marketing goal

In order to make this strategy a success, you first need to set specific and measurable goal(s). Of course, the goals you set must be the realistic ones, so that they are achievable within the specified period of time.

One of the simple goals that fits the requirement above is by having one of the meaningful social media metrics to reach a certain number, for example, your audience growth rate, which shows the speed you gain your followers.

Be reminded that different social media metrics will trigger different goals, and each social media platform might have different useful metrics. You can take your time to get more information about different social media platforms before deciding the final decision.

2/. Take your time to learn on your target audience

First, you need to know your target audience. What is their age range, their locations, and their income? 

The reason why you want to do this is so that you can choose the right network and the right way to reach them. As you might know, different social media platforms attract different audiences. For example, those among Millenials and Gen Z are more engaged in Instagram and Youtube. Therefore, you might want to decide your target audience before choosing the social media platform you are going to use. You can easily get to know more about your target audience on the internet. Better to not make assumptions on the numbers and pick the social media platform based on that only. 

After choosing the social media platform

1/. Set your profiles 

After you set on your chosen network, it is the time to start a new account or improve the old one. Make sure you fill out all the things to set up your profiles, because no one is willing to engage with an empty account. 

Don’t forget to put the keywords of your product or business so that people can find you.

2/. Make contents

It is true that being unique is important, but you can still find some inspiration from the other social media accounts, such as your competitors or your favourite social media accounts. But, of course, plagiarism is out of the question.

Don’t forget that the contents are to support your goal. You can start by dividing your contents into two types: 80% entertainment and 20% product advertisement. 

2/. Schedule the time when you are going to share your contents

In order to maximize the interaction with the audience, you must know the most frequent time your audience engages with the network you are using, which is the best time to post your contents to that social media platform. Moreover, using a schedule will maintain the stability of your posting time, so that your followers will not miss your new contents.

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