How to increase revenue through Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization
conversion rate optimization

How to increase revenue through Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the action of improving the rate of the website visitor who took any specific action, for example, purchasing, signing up for an email newsletter, and others. 

As the goal is mainly to turn your website visitors into your customers, the actions are related to enhancing the website and giving a better user experience to the prospective customers. 

What is the Benefit of CRO?

If you are able to raise the conversion rate, a rise in revenue is obvious. When you decide to put yourself in the CRO strategy, you will be able to understand your customers more through it, and as a result, you can be more efficient and lower your cost, raise SEO through offering a better user experience, and increase the customer lifetime value.

How to increase conversion rates?

  1. ​Add a pop-up to your website

According to a study by Sumo, the average conversion rate coming from pop-ups is 3.09 percent and it will rise if the merchant does it right.

Here are some tips on putting pop-ups on your website:

  • Set a cookie so that the pop-up will be shown once per visitor
  • Make the pop-up so that it is easy to be closed
  • Put the 30 seconds delay timer on the pop-up
  • Try several offers until you find the best one
  1. Make signing up and purchasing easy
  • Remove the unnecessary fields because those fields make your visitor reluctant to fill in the form. 
  • Add a third-party signup service, e.g. Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Make the initial purchasing easy, for example just ask for their email.
  1. Add live chat to your site

You need live chat to clear all your customers’ questions and doubts in order to raise the conversion rate. If you want to append Many Chat chatbot in your eCommerce platform, feel free to contact us: or [email protected]

  1. Strengthen your Call-to-Action

CTA helps to raise the action rate made by the site visitors. It should be based on the buyers’ persona, targeting the things they are looking for and what they prioritized. Make the CTA dynamic and set the right CTA for your targeted audiences.

  1. A/B testing Landing page

You might want to do A/B testing for your landing page so that you can know which features and design details are more important in your CRO plan.

  1. Countdown Timer

Put a countdown timer to let the visitors know some important dates or for informing the countdown of your sales to give the urgencies to purchase.

  1. Add testimonials and reviews

As you know it is hard to get your first customer, it is because no one has the bravery to be one. Build trust with new visitors from some testimonials and reviews. It will work better with logos to put them at ease on browning your site.

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