What Is Native Advertising?

What Is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a form of paid media in which the ad experience follows the user experience’s natural form and function.

Why Native Ads?

People See Them

  • For in – feed, more than standard banners, 25 percent more consumers were measured.

Viewed as Editorial

  • Consumers more than editorial content looked at native ads 2X and spent the same number of seconds viewing.

Mobile Branding

  • 97 percent of mobile media buyers report that native ads achieved branding goals very or somewhat.

Purchase Drivers

  • In purchasing intent, native ads registered 18 percent higher lift than banner ads.

Desktop Native Ad Examples

  • https://www.sharethrough.com/img/resources/desktop-native-ad-example-2-6e5b0161.jpg
  • https://www.sharethrough.com/img/resources/desktop-native-ad-example-3-cb0f4c63.jpg

Mobile Native Ad Examples

  • https://www.sharethrough.com/img/resources/mobile-native-ad-example-2-029e01e4.jpg
  • https://www.sharethrough.com/img/resources/mobile-native-ad-example-3-1b7f16a0.jpg
  • https://www.sharethrough.com/img/resources/mobile-native-ad-example-4-8e00ebb1.jpg

Tablet Native Ad Examples

  • https://www.sharethrough.com/img/resources/tablet-native-ad-example-4-33299456.jpg
  • https://www.sharethrough.com/img/resources/tablet-native-ad-example-2-f298a13e.jpg
  • https://www.sharethrough.com/img/resources/tablet-native-ad-example-5-2cc50fbe.jpg

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