Prestashop vs. Shopify vs. Magento vs. Woocommerce Comparison 2019/2020

Prestashop vs. Shopify vs. Magento vs. Woocommerce Comparison 2019/2020

Since many of our clients asked us the opinions about different eCommerce platforms, we make up my mind to do research and find out the pros and cons of each platform. We wish this table can help you to get a distinct idea which eCommerce is appropiate on your business.

License Typeopen source(openSource as Community) / (Enterprise)subscription basis & centrally hostedopen source
Platform TypeOn-Premises (host anywhere), PaaS (host in France)On-Premises (host anywhere), PaaS (host in US)SaaS (host in US)On-Premises (host anywhere), PaaS (host in US)
Program Language PHP, Symfony, HTML, CSS, JavaScriptPHP, Symfony, HTML, CSS, JavaScriptLiquid for template editing and HTML & CSSHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript
DatabaseMySql / PhpAdminMySql / PhpAdminAccess through APIMySql / PhpAdmin
Language Support655620180
CustomizationFlexible because of open sourceextensively Flexible because of open sourceLimited customization because of closed platformFlexible because of open source
SEO functionFairExtensiveGreat but not flexibleGreat but need Plugin
CostAs cheap as $6/month from godaddyCommunity (US$6/month from godaddy), Enterprise (US$18,000/year)(Basic US$29/month with 2.9% + 30¢ per online transaction), (Advanced US$299/month, with 2.9% + 30¢ per online transaction)As cheap as $6/month from godaddy
Theme Editingdrag-and-drop with page builder and easy theme editingdrag-and-drop with page builder and need some program language as welldrag-and-drop and easy theme editingdrag-and-drop with page builder and easy theme editing
Installation ProcessEasyHardno user-installation requiredEasy
Customer Supportcommunity forum & partnerdirect support only available with Enterprise version direct supportcommunity forum & partner
Ease of UseEasyHardEasyEasy
Tech Knowlege requirementMediumHighLowMedium
Plugin Costcheap (usually below US$250)Very expensive (US$500 above is not rare)expensive (usually monthly subscription basis)Cheapest (free to $200)
Project / Business Sizesmall to largelarge to hugesmall to largesmall due to limitation of blogging structure
Theme CostUS$28 – US$89 in themeforest$45 – $99 in themeforest$24 – $69 in themeforest$19 – $59 in themeforest
Multi StoreNatively support with some flawed, but improved in latest versionNatively supportOnly Shopify Plus supportNatively not support
Customer Group like VIP, Basic, Vistor, etc Natively supportNatively supportSupport, but not a true customer groupNatively not support
System requirementLight resource requiredIntensive resource required, better to use dedicated server with modern linux kernel, recent Apache or Nginx web daemon, modern database and PHP versions toono need to careLight resource required
ScalabilityFairHighlimited because of closed platformnot native eCommerce skeleton, so hard to scale
Number of Pluginaround 25,000around 5,000around 20,000around 50,000 (including wordpress)

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