5 Simple ways to increase sales and maintain a comparative edge over competitors in restaurants industry.

5 Simple ways to increase sales and maintain a comparative edge over competitors in restaurants industry.

Today there are more than 30,000 restaurants in Hong Kong. The competition is getting tough and tough, especially the present situation. People may temporarily reduce their visits because of coronavirus. Does it mean F&B industry will become non profitable business? Of course NOT! We truly think it is a super good timing to improve the business and generate more revenue.

Here are 5 simple ways:

1/. Build your own online shop and offer online order
Why it is so important because your brand image is one of your precious assets. By offering online order feature, your clients don’t need to visit your restaurants. You can also save some man power to serve your clients and expensive rental by shrinking the size of your restaurants.

2/. Digital marketing on Social Media platforms
You know in 21 century, digital marketing on soical media is almost free (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and so on). It is not a difficult task and won’t take a long time to make a post. One or two sentence or even sharing a photo is quite enough for a feed. Social media helps to interact with your fans or potiential clients.

3/. Utilize campaign or loyalty program
You can make a VIP membership for your loyal or frequent visiting clients. Then when your cusomters make an order online, they will get a special discount. Affiliate campaign encourages your existing clients to refer their friends. It will turn your customer into your volunteer promoters.

4/. Adopt a online survey
Sometimes it is hard to ask their feedback about the services of restaurants, food quality and improvement advises. If a bad feedback, will your restaurants manager honestly report it? By using anonymous online survey, you will get the clear picture about your restaurants so that you can improve it by the true feedback.

5/. Use the proper technology
A reliable POS, ERP and online shop system will help you increase the productity and save a lot of resource. You can also streamline your operations and access data which helps you to accurately make a sale improvement planning.

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