What is the difference between facebook messenger and manychat chatbot?

What is the difference between facebook messenger and manychat chatbot?

To answer this question, we need to break into different parts.

Let’s figure out what the facebook messenger is?
Facebook messenger is merely an instant messaging tool embedded in Facebook. It is one of the popular online communication tools like whatsapp, line, wechat and skype. You can use it to send messages, emoji, photos, videos or even make a voice call to other Facebook users.

What is a chatbot?
Chatbot is a common term that a software or program automate the conversation and interaction with users. A chatbot can build into different communication tools if it opens its API connection. The general usage of chatbot nowadays is customer care. Imagine that your customer expects 24/7 availability and hiring at least 3 people to fulfill this requirement is quite costly. Additionally they may repeatedly ask the same questions again and again. Like they ask the return policy, color availability and so on. This kind of repeated questions, Chatbot is the right candidate to handle it.

What is MANYCHAT chatbot?
ManyChat is a software which helps you to create chatbot with FB messenger. It means after utilizing Manychat, you can automate your FB messenger to respond to your customers’ questions and messenger marketing campaign.

Let’s take a look of its features:
1/. Easy to integrate with Facebook
2/. User Friendly interface
3/. Variety of marketing campaigns
4/. Different kind of Growth Tools for lead generation
5/. Streamline the Live Chat to your personal FB messenger
6/. You can enjoy the basic features without charge. If you think it is useful, you can upgrade to an advanced tier.

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