How to Boost your Online Sales with WebAR Experience?

How to Boost your Online Sales with WebAR Experience?

How WebAR can help to boost the sales and increase user experience.

The demand of online shopping increased significantly after COVID-19, exspecially for the younger generations. If this Augmented Reality can implement appropiately, it can capture customers’ attention and improve conversion rate. One of the reasons why people are reluctant to make a purchase online is because of unable to interact with the product and touch it to ensure that it is a suitable product.

AR is just a right solution which can fill this gap for eliminating indecisiveness. By viewing a 3D image of the products, people can interact with the products more. They can look through the detail of product by turning around, zoom in and out, fitting in the desired location and so on. It is similar experience to physical store, “try it before purchase”. For the retailers, AR technology can help to improve the refund rate as well.

With our inhouse developed application, you can easily deploy the WebAR expereience to your online customer. You can try it out from below website

Try it out from “AR DEMO” site 

Get it from “ADDON Module



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