The Challenge and Improvement of Last Mile Delivery in eCommerce world

The Challenge and Improvement of Last Mile Delivery in eCommerce world

The Challenge of the Last Mile

Extensive training for a new hired dirver:

When a company hires a new driver, he or she has to go through a rather lengthy training session of around two weeks. Driver is taught about their daily route, where to deliver, safe parking places, noise restrictions, correct street usage and greeting with clients.

Driver Shortages:

Ecommerce has been rapidly increasing in the last decade, especially from the last two to three years. Many eCommerce business owners are already facing a truck capacity and lacking of drivers problems as a resulf of this demand.

Raising the efficiency for Last Miles Delivery as one of the solutions

Companies began to improve the efficiency of their Last Miles Delivery. Many people used technology to help them, such as scheduling and route optimization software. This enables them to make the most of every available resource in order to boost capacity and satisfy the increased demand for fulfillment. For example, are employing software to create routes with several stops rather than purchasing new cars.

They can also enhance the number of routes available. As a result, there will be more stops per route and more orders that their operations will be able to manage.

To keep up with orders while maximizing capacity, dynamic, real-time rerouting is essential. The better the customer service, the faster the delivery—and the faster the truck can pick up more things to bring out.

The Best Routing System
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