10 e-Commerce trend in 2019

10 e-Commerce trend in 2019

1. Activist Consumers: the rise of ethical eCommerce

2.The End of Free Returns?

3. Sales Taxes: The Tax-Free Party is Over for Consumers and Merchants

4.Mobile Faster As PWAs Blur Lines Between Sites and Apps

5.Social Media Gets Transactional

6.Retailers Will Hire Their First AI Employee

7.The QR Code Strikes Back

8.The Amazon-ification of Major Retailers

9.In-Car eCommerce: Shopping On The Go

10.Product Content Syndication

sources from https://10ecommercetrends.com/?fbclid=IwAR0vqlOiHM7LSYLAjvoT4NNrZ6KjtYPLer4LQqBr20Zvfe3gemuABBEhYVs

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